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Hi, I'm Jiří Polášek

.NET Developer

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My name is Jiří Polášek

I'm from Brno, Czech Republic. I've over 20 years of experience with Microsoft technology. As a freelance developer and software architect, I specialize in custom software solutions, consultation, and crafting innovative architectures. And making impossible possible.

I spend a lot of time helping other companies with difficult technical decisions, such as cloud migration, micro-services architecture, Domain Driven Design, modernizing of legacy applications or choosing the right technologies and approaches.

What can I help you with?

Empowering Digital Transformation: With two decades of expertise in software architecture and development, I offer a unique blend of innovative solutions and technical leadership.

Custom Application Development

Crafting robust software architectures tailored for specific business needs.

Consultation & Teaching

Facilitating effective communication, ensuring best practices, and overseeing the technological advancement of projects.

Software Design

Expertise in crafting tailored software architectures and implementing scalable systems, specializing in the .NET/C# ecosystem.

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