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Hi, I'm Jiří Polášek

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My name is Jiří Polášek

I'm from Brno, Czech Republic. I've over 20 years of experience with Microsoft technology. As a freelance developer and software architect, I specialize in custom software solutions, consultation, and crafting innovative architectures. And making impossible possible.

I spend a lot of time helping other companies with difficult technical decisions, such as cloud migration, micro-services architecture, Domain Driven Design, modernizing of legacy applications or choosing the right technologies and approaches.


What can I help you with?

Empowering Digital Transformation: With two decades of expertise in software architecture and development, I offer a unique blend of innovative solutions and technical leadership.

Custom Application Development

Crafting robust software architectures tailored for specific business needs.

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Consultation & Trainings

Facilitating effective communication, ensuring best practices, and overseeing the technological advancement of projects.

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Software Design

Expertise in crafting tailored software architectures and implementing scalable systems, specializing in the .NET/C# ecosystem.

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Custom Application Development

Building applications with passion

I am passionate about building software, ranging from compact tools to extensive information systems.

I view software development as a blend of engineering, craftsmanship, and art. Over my extensive career, I've gained experience across a broad spectrum of applications, including desktop applications, games, web applications, services, and distributed systems.

Web Apps

Web and cloud applications, alongside back-end APIs, are developed to be accessible from anywhere. These applications are tailored to provide seamless integration and reliable performance, catering to modern business needs.

#ASP.NET Core #Azure #Blazor #HTML #CSS #DDD

Desktop Apps

Robust desktop (or hybrid) applications and services for Windows are crafted to deliver a native user experience and optimal performance. These applications leverage the full capabilities of the underlying hardware and software environment.

#WPF #WinUI #WinForms #Win32 #MVVM #UX

Distributed Apps

Expertise in building large-scale distributed systems, particularly for the gaming and communications industries, allows for the design of systems that are highly available and scalable. These systems efficiently handle vast amounts of data and numerous simultaneous users.

#Microservices #Orleans #Docker #Message Queues #IoT #Event Driven

Consultation & Trainings

How can I empower you?


I guide teams to enhance their capabilities, develop efficiently on the .NET platform, and utilize available tools. I help bridge the gap from basic programming to sophisticated software development, and from development practices to architectural design, focusing on building sustainable software solutions.


Sometimes, an external perspective is crucial. Do you want to avoid tunnel vision? Are you certain that conventional methods are the best approach for your project? Let's explore innovative solutions together.

Architecture Review

I assist in designing your application's architecture and selecting the most suitable technologies to meet both current needs and future scalability.

Application Modernization

Dealing with an older legacy application that's accumulated substantial technical debt, yet a full rewrite isn't feasible? Consider integrating modern technologies for new components to gradually improve the system.

Performance Optimization

Is your application experiencing slow performance, memory leaks, or stability issues? I specialize in enhancing the performance, reliability, and overall health of software applications.

Emergency Intervention

Is your project in crisis? I provide immediate support and strategic solutions to rescue and turn around troubled projects.

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